PCOS and Oily Hair



PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome is a common condition that can affect women of any age. This syndrome is usually be caused by genetic factors, but it is also linked to hormonal unbalances that can be brought about by a number of factors, such as an abnormal metabolism or insulin production.

Although many women suffering from PCOS don’t experience severe symptoms, most of them have oily skin and hair problems, accompanied by acne in some cases. Other problems and symptoms caused by PCOS include: rare and/or irregular menstrual cycles, abnormal vaginal bleeding, dandruff and excessive oiliness of skin and hair, hair fall, obesity, infertility, mood swings and irritability, and even depression.

Abnormal testosterone levels in women are usually a consequence of having PCOS, so this hormone should be tested before attempting any kind of treatment. Doctors usually prescribe a hormonal treatment in order to stabilize the hormone levels, but in some cases surgical procedures are necessary (infertility related cases). The latter is done in cases when the patient did not respond to other types of treatments. Another important thing that doctors recommend is to lose weight if necessary, include regular exercise, and have a balance diet. This can sometimes help balance the hormones, and avoid future health problems related with this condition.

Oily hair and skin are very common for women that suffer from PCOS. Although this condition is chronic, and usually can’t be treated completely, there are some natural remedies and lifestyle choices that can greatly limit the unpleasant side-effects of PCOS.

  • Lose weight if needed, and doing regular exercise are the first things that women suffering from PCOS should consider. Taking daily walks (1 hour per day) can be a great form of exercise, but yoga, jogging, or Pilates are also very good. Controlling your weight has long term effects on your body, and keeps away chronic illnesses.


  • Eating a healthy diet is also essential, so trying to exclude processed or junk foods is of utmost important. Preservatives, chemicals, and synthetic hormones in our food can unbalance the hormones and create lots of health problems. Try to include as many fresh fruits, vegetables, organic meat, eggs and dairy, into your diet as possible.


  • Stop smoking, as studies have shown that women who smoke have higher levels of androgenic hormones, which create a lot of the aforementioned symptoms. Drinking alcohol should also be reduced to a minimum as it can also create many health problems, including unbalanced hormones and metabolism issues.


  • Use organic cosmetic products that are paraben-free and with as little chemicals as possible. Most cosmetic products can actually clog the skin pores and create oiliness problems, but they can also contain harmful chemicals that enter our blood stream and create hormonal issues. Most shampoos also have an improper pH that leads to oily hair and dandruff, so try to find a good organic brand with a pH level around 5 or 6.


  • Lady’s mantle is a plant used as a natural remedy for women related problems. This plant stimulates the natural progesterone production and alleviates many symptoms associated with polycystic ovaries. It should be taken on the 14th day of the menstrual cycle until the first day of the next cycle, and repeat the treatment for at least three consecutive months. Take one spoon of Lady’s mantle in powder form (you can use a coffee grinder) four times a day under the tongue and swallow it slowly with a glass of water. Lady’s mantle is very efficient at regulating hormones and prevents the formation of new cysts.


  • Yarrow is one of the best plants for women’s health issues. In antiquity, it was used by young women that suffered from infertility, but it was also used for treating acne, as an antibiotic, and for internal bleeding problems. Yarrow contains two important substances that have the ability to regulate the female hormones, and stimulate the sexual organs. Take it as a powder three times a day, and follow the treatment for a month. A two week break should be taken before repeating the treatment.

Following the above guidelines is of great help for women that suffer from PCOS. However, if your oily skin and hair condition is more severe, you should also try some home-based remedies and herbal treatments that can really be very efficient and risk-free.


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